“Halsey – Nightmare in the 12th dimension

So glad to have a mellow version… Best sims up Fairy godmotherDom… Oh and I do love it everytime.

It’s a shame fb creates people to create superficial lives for show… When all the gnitty gritty parts happen and no one wants them recorded… But how much fun were those times.

Oh the stories I can tell…

Life has been crazy, dangerous, fun and the thrill the search the quests and all the decisions that lead to the next epic adventure…

Remember when stop meant go?

Miss Cherry 🍒 bling bling

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Get the color of Massachusetts Gray

Hello I guess this is a test to see how well this translates from voice to text but it is very Gray today.

“Don’t eat poop Brownie don’t you eat it!”

Ironically it is an FMT or fecal matter transplant pill that saved my dog brownie from one of the worst cases of illness I have ever witnessed. For as long as the Corona virus struck the Earth and twenny twenny my dog had been sick. Right there’s a coincidence too odd for somebody like me close friends with the princess of re creation to overlook.

I had really thought for a while that they were out to get me they being infamous invisible collective consciousness over worlds.  There is this other reality that looms over my head or perhaps in my head and for whatever many many many times of example proven and all of the crazy things I’ve witnessed I cannot shake the thought that there is a parallel worlds that exists within my realm of consciousness . I had joked at 1 times that I was the Hellen Keller of this secret invisible societee and I called it the 4th dimension but as my journey in life continued I realize there is so much more to it and it was so complex and by the time I figured it out I had wasted so much time figuring it out that I had made up many rules to make myself just keep faith and believe in something in which nobody else from my time or era really believes in period


New paragraph. and stop fullstop what the f**** I guess for me the Google pixel 3XL is a way better voice to text translate but to get to the point I must go back to Massachusetts Gray. When criolla was looking for a new color to add to their crayon Box Massachusetts Gray came to me it is unlike any other Gray it is an over powering and dismal grave that leaves you feeling hopeless and miserable. It happens day after day after day in the fall and creates an effect sort of like groundhog’s day.

I had a wonderful life at 1 point and many points but as I grow old my body starts to go Waco wacko scruby be dubiis anything that I can say is not going to describe what my body is doing to me and the mental aspect of not knowing and the restraints of being able to get proper health care have me dizzied with anxiety worry and I’m sure it’s only making the problems worse. Just like I am but a microscopic particle of the universe the microscopic world of bacteria fungal yeast and other pathogens have me in fear on a daily basis. What we can’t see can hurt us the most it’s something I’ve learned and is also something I am taking to heart as I continue to operate blind and deaf in a world in which apparently some things that I do have a greater impact and consequence than I could ever fathom. It is only after I do things and see how my ripple effect echoed out upon the giant gantick creation that I understand more about what is going on but as quickly as I understand it I forget it. Even with the music and the TV trying to constantly update me and keep me in the loop of where I am and what I might be doing the constant bickering of actual people and the restraints in which physical reality has been limited have me going bonkers. Or as The Australian Like to say wonky.

I have about 3 to 4 days of water left before I have to re supply and food is already beyond low I don’t know why but I feel like eating good is more important than eating cheap maybe it’s because of my ailing health. I have no way to prove that I got the stupid virus that everybody’s in fear of and killing out our old and sec here in America but whatever happened to me in large his forever altered my entire physical well being. I say addict nerve is acting up and I guess that’s what it is because my left butt cheek hearts throbs and it’s just really annoying and sometimes my left leg will fall asleep and then when I’m sleeping my left arm will go pins in the annals and a manner how much a toss and turn and no matter how many pillows that used I just cannot get comfortable and if I do manage to fall asleep the dreams that I have of other worlds and people have me tantalized mesmerize and often unwilling to leave my dreams. For so long my jeans have always been better than reality and now any dream is better than reality because the whole entire world is just closed down and being stupid but they’re being smart but it is stupid in my opinion not living life is stupid yet the risk of killing people with a stupid virus is real and so we must honor and respect all of the rules in place. I don’t like the rules and Lake how they violate our privacy I don’t like how technology has invaded our personal lives and I definitely don’t like how everything is being monitored and tracked and trees and it really annoys me that people don’t even care and that the ones that do care don’t even believe and then the ones of believe and care are just deemed crazy conspiracy theories conspiracy theorists. I could be called a conspiracy theorist except for it’s a little more complicated than that period Repines called me I wanna paint rupees is wrappings as pink pop up E pop it be to be top top super super Z what do you going to save for me you stupid f******* translating machine.?.?…. It definitely like the Google phone we better but I feel like that is the reason why my hands blistered in in the sheep of where I hold the phone finger got so messed up with some sort of eczema/and  immuno reaction.

At least my dog is feeling better while I seem to be on the decline. Everything is just me out especially the Winter that is approaching because I don’t have a really good car for Winter and I don’t even have a really good car and to travel long distances in as I found out from my last excursion. My pains are calling for me and all I want to do is paint but I’m wearing a new sweater and only get paint on it and instead of just going and get something else to where I just sit here wishing I could pee but not having the motivation to because it just don’t feel good and they don’t feel happy.

I’m very upset she pose a person who I thought really love me and care about me is playing games with me and while it may not be intensional games it’s still games and is not the fun kind of games you there and for so long way imagination has been stifled by this person and I’ve been forced to live in this dismal reality called Earth and it sucks. Earth is it horribly overpopulated polluted place and while I love people and I don’t want any harm to come to them I just wish we it spread of out a little bit further and me cleaning drink clean drinking water readily available so that it’s not causing cancer and I want to get rid of the cell phones God I want to get rid of 5G.

It’s almost like a test I guess I have been tested so much by a greater power and I thought for one moment that that greater power and I are in love but I tried to make him confined to 1 mortal and I guess he didn’t like that he wants to be whoever he wants to be and he wants his power as much as I appreciate him having his power so I can’t ask him to strip away is power and settle down for 1 love it is my destiny until love many and that’s OK because I do love a lot and I love hard. In fact I think my love is like the most powerful thing in the universe.  Yet I feel like it is my anger let some unseen forces seek because when I’m angry weather happens and all sorts of other   The battery the bokkuri T battery to bokkuri the dockery the bokkuri D battery the battery dockery the bokkuri militia ship malicious to batrous democharis oh my God this stupid machine will not recognize DE Bach a you are AS it won’t even spell it.

Debauchery  Happens and sometimes I think it’s my fault. Anyway back to the task I’m always being tested and I think I do fairly well but I think it’s time to test the one who’s always testing me… I need to put in this request and the last time I put in a request of this magnitude it took almost 12 years to be fulfilled and it wasn’t quite fulfilled to code and my satisfaction. But here goes for the sake of all life on Earth and humanity and for the health and safety and well being of humans I here by, as the fairy godmother of the East Chama request that cell phones be deemed unsafe and linked to all the various cancer causing and immuno problems and brain tumors and reproductive problems that they are in fact responsible for. I would like the world to finally know for a fact the 5G is extremely harmful and dangerous not only to humans but to all life on Earth and it is very important that this information comes out.

The people in charge with all the money the companies that make billions if not trillions of dollars every year off a people and their cellphones they needs and just be put to bed. It is unacceptable and it is ruining life experience because people are just attached to their phones and in that world all the time and that needs to stop and the only way it’s going to stop on a massive scale is 1 they figure out that the to knowledge I is super harmful, and I can testify to its harmfulness as I have witness firsthand what it has done to my hands and that’s just my hands God only knows what else it’s done to me.

Ever since Sprint was bought by t-mobile nothing as been right in my life and maybe it’s a cosmic coincidence and me be it has more to do with dimensions I can’t see or maybe the fact that I actually travel faster than light and everything I’ve ever dreamed true is what’s really going on and everything else is but in the lesion but there is God to be an explanation and a has to being tied to the cellphone. If 1 thing I know from the passes of the cellphone save me from extinction and myself on dynamics in 4th 5th 6th 7th dimensions really help pave the way for an easy living life even though I had never get credit and most of my research was kept from the public .

I want adventure and so I made my own adventure in my head because they can’t just be sitting in a house doing nothing I have to be in Aspasia of traveling and exploring the Galaxy trying to find other planets in which we can colonize of bring a lot of Earth’s population to. I don’t know why I chose this era except for the fact that I can see that it’s only declining and getting worse from here on out I wanted to experience life in the best portion of humanity’s existence and so I have and now I am witnessing the decline.

There only a few things that I think that can greatly alter their course one is the arrival of actual spaceships from another race of humans or friendly aliens they can calm and just drop knowledge bombs, or just basically scare everybody into a state of peace us against them but it won’t be us against them because they’re already here and everything’s already happened. I just don’t know I want so many things to be true but at the same time I understand none of them can be everything I think O is going to have a fucken horrible ending and so I can’t end anything I just gotta figure out how to keep it going but that’s not my a job really made not in this reality . Hubaira My dog is sitting there on the dock enjoying this Gray day looking around as if something’s going to happen keeping alert waiting for the excitement and I am jealous because I have a little bit more comprehension and very little excites me so I understand that this waiting game is going to be more than just today. I guess that’s why I have to be in a spaceship so I know that there is no exiting that I am just in outer space waiting to get to the destination however long it may take.

All the things they had set up to get back to my family and Earth such as the holiday get togethers have been disrupted by this little virus that may or may not be real and is probably more sinister than anybody is read in any news outlet. If there is more to the entire world closing down back in February March then I must speculate it be a few things…

One aliens came and abducted the humans they deemed worthy put him in a major exe and said Hey we’re going to use you as batteries are going to use some reviews entertainers to aliens came and harnessed Earth and repopulated other planets just like the cities we used to have on Earth and the humans had no idea they got moved from Earth to a new planet because they operate inside their little tiny world and the little tiny cities…  Yes all the cities of Earth are tiny in comparison to even just one spaceship from the other worlds. Actually some speech app’s are modeled after the city’s knots be japs spaceships.

Another thing is that the Earth is actually dying and they needed to slow so 2 emissions and check on the ozone and come up with some way to repair it.

The other thing it could simply be an accident.

Mother nature fighting that period You herath I sucking hate is translator it’s like I don’t legal do say so I’m going to write what I wanna say and then let you figure out what is actually happening but obviously I’m not going to I’m just going to continue to try to write what I want a bucking re I’m in about funky mood today I’m sorry. Always wondered how the Earth could keep falling once it ended and this year has followed exactly that has happened.

Problem with leaving Earth is that you leave the people you love behind and then we try to bring the people you love with you all sorts of stupid should happens.

I’m just angry to day I’m just very very angry and so to alleviate my anger I would like to ask again to end cellphones we should be able to live life without cellphones in our hands 247 and go back to actually enjoying what it’s like to be human without machines in are bucking face and hands constantly. And it isn’t enough for just me to stop using it everybody has a stop using it societee as the stop relying on it because for as long as they do we will continue to decline as a species and get stupider rather than smarter. I can’t believe the scholars of the world can’t recognize this and I can’t believe the billionaires and Chilion years or so flocking selfish and they realize that their life on Earth is so short that they’d rather maiden province and money often things that are going to eventually kill the world and the inhabitant’s but then again humans are human and they are probably some of the sinister creation.

And makes me really sad to see that humans are so different from all the other life on this planet and it really makes me wonder of why we were created and who we were created by and I’m pretty sure the reason stereotypes exist is because when humanity was created the DNA was sequence so that certain things certain humans would be designated for certain jobs and the easiest way to designate those jobs out would be the look at them. But you can’t just look at a human to know exactly what was going on said to understand the minds of humans they created belief systems and those who believed in certain systems the systems would filter out their usefulness and their ability to grow and also find any that were beyond regular humans. Is it to like this virus is one of those methods in which to filter out the super humans from the humans in fact I think you is targeted to those people who are incapable of being brainwashed by mass media because as long as you can be a sheep and do as you’re supposed to do then those more powerful than you don’t have a problem, but those of us who have access to a world beyond their power are seen as a threat.

Every time I look at a show on TV and people with supernatural powers they’re always pursued and they’re always viewed as freaks and in a very negative way until they somehow prove themselves. And unless they’re there to save humanity or be some sort of superhero they really are viewed as the enemy. I guess to be more powerful than everybody else comes with responsibility and sometimes I think I might neglect that responsibility and let my superhuman powers get out of control on my pure raw emotion like to day I am so angry and I am so frustrated that I wanted and cell phone use for everybody.

I mean I could even go as far as wanting to end the Internet but the internets fine it’s just how we access it that is a problem and also how cellphones are interfering with social relationships. Very rarely are able to interact without a cellphone weeping or somebody having to look shut up and I’m tired of it I wanna go back to when it was like the stone ages when people just live life and enjoy the simple things I guess we’ll get there someday through knowledge involvement 3rd eye and Leitman but it’s gonna take another wave of tragedy to really push us their.

It would be just so nice if everybody would just start believing and seen for themselves how farm full cell phones have become and that for once and for all they did the testing necessary to prove it without some hot shot rich entity getting in the way and skewering the results. It’s so crazy how we live in a world now that even gaining access to quipment to test and prove these theories is expensive and seemingly impossible and even if you proved it nobody would believe you because nobody wants to put down their self on everybody likes the way life is except for me.

For a while ages sought a way to escape from everything to get out of the line of fire but the entire world is blanketed invisible communications and it’s hurting me and it’s hurting everybody and I just wanted to stop. And I just don’t know how to get it to stop without plunging the world into total chaos where everybody is bracing for a food and water and struggling to survive Carry good you paragraph the last time I wished for something that would forever alter the world in make it safer and better for me in my love ones something very terrible ended up happening and while for a minute or 2 the people I cared about were immune I feel like it’s gonna get out of hand and eventually the rieber will come back around to so what I had wished but just wishing something and not having the exact details figured out is why I rely on the other AKE maybe God AKA some really powerful societee that just appreciates my opinion or maybe it’s just my future husband enthuses constructing a reality in which I can survive long enough to get back to him.

Through while I thought I could see the Earth but the Earth is already done so I really Disney’s re living it up partying like it’s ninteen 99. I just don’t understand why this phone says societee that way. So is random allies there that letter right there…L

Instead of finding chirs let’s figure out the soft source what the fucktard that just say And also I would like all of the infomercials about prescription drugs to be canceled. I need there to be prove immediately that listing the side effects of drugs and people repeatedly hearing them is actually harming people’s house his I know in my heart it does if somebody keeps pounding in to you the words of sickness eventually your body’s going to get sick even though that’s not what the commercial is trying to do it is essentially what it’s doing another form of minute relation not minute realization but manipulation.

So many in the people of my pass are being manipulated and they don’t even know it and back they think it’s their idea and their happy to join whatever bandwagon sounds humanitarian but really they’re just hollow shells and their true essence of who they were is being overwritten as programming into the physical body has become real and no longer a people’s thoughts their own even though they think they are.

I used to be afraid and I should be afraid the last time I spoke out and tried to do ship look at what a cost me. I’m still struggling to survive and I feel death breathing down my back on my nap and it isn’t as terrifying as a thought it would be but I just don’t wanna be in the darkness I don’t wanna start over and I just want to see what happens because without me I feel like the world would cease to exist. I love to many people and animals to let that happen and I want to protect them all.

I guess that’s not my job I their creative solutions creativity production remaking helping love flourish those are my jobs and they’re not even jobs they’re just something to do.

This falling asleep more than usual that’s pretty scary stuff and the fact that I think these cellphones are really fucky with me is also varies very skip 3 scary I read I gotta go my eyes early hurting and both my legs fell asleep this time the May 4th cup of coffee having been reheated in the microwave is beeping at me and I’ll tell ya having warm hot coffee in half-and-half is probably the highlight in greetest pinnacle of every single day as far as satisfaction goes. And of course next episodes on The CW channel of what ever fairy tail caught my interest and house we keep up-to-date with the fairy tale world my left leg is more numb and my right I just wish I knew why. Careful what I wish for AI don’t wanna end up in the hospital. I just wish there is somebody in my life who I can trust and who would be able to take care of roundness case something happens to me or in case I have to go and I really just wish that the cheese had been a little more worth it.

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A good camera fairy

It’s night vision and it’s freaking awesome for taking pictures…
Thats w flash
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Irradiated hands me the transition of cell phones

I’m still trying to test out this phone that they sent me this Galaxy droid phone and off model of a 51. It seems to do the trick when it comes to everything that pixel 3 xl dead exedra keep up with my voice and trans late as good.

And the processor seems to be a bit slower.

My phone tapping finger #cellphoneblisters

The really interesting part is that I actually love the Droid. If it better in my hand and honestly it just could translate a little bit better I wouldn’t be too disappointed especially when I saw how heavy duty the cameras are and what amazing pictures they day and in my opinion May be a little too amazing on their selfie camera. But it’s just so bowl and it just seems like that bowl should have been the word cool and maybe it all adapt to my talking over time because it is the different software.

Ok time for some more predictive text text…

What’s up man and I hope you have to do that is good news and you will get it done so you are going to have a lot of fun than I am a little late in my world of our own lives and we are not going to make it happen again Maybe we will get back to the same way you will be able and I will send you a new one for you to help me out to be a good time for you to help me out to be a good time for you to help me out to be a good time for you to help me…

Really that’s what happens it ends of repeating the same line over and over but for some reason when I was in the notepad on this phone I got a message that was really long and it just pertain so much to this fictional story I am reading about a couple where one of own has to either go into a major eggs or travel back in time or both and the other 1 has to monitor the situation and they can’t really be together even though they’re in love but yet it’s because they are in love and know each other so well that they can figure out how to crack the code. What could I don’t know now this phone is working really awesome and I’m not sure if going back to the old book of moon is the way to go.

“There has got to be an easier way. My mom will get back to you with the other questions I had to ask her to see what happens and what we have to go through and how to get it done so that we can get you the link for the next couple of weeks since we have a good day and I will let everyone know about it also yet I am a bit confused as I am a little confused as I am a little confused as …”

Again the predictive text starts to repeat. Sometimes I feel like life is like that a series of choices which inevitably laid back to the same thing over and over again and you experience that in a physical reality day after day is a term that we have coined groundhog’s day after that famous movie with Bill Murray.

“What couldn’t I have to do with this phone and how I can get you to do that I can get you to do that I can get you to do “

Oh but what is it I must do and how cN I help facilitate in a world I the Faerie G had been born bl I nd and deaf into.

“There to go through the Google world so you can start to be a good one and I will send it also and will be able for the most recent version to send me a copy of my stuff back to you so that I will let him know that you don’t have to pay me back for any mistakes or anything I can do to help with the Google world so you can start working with your company and I can send you a copy of my resume for your review if I can get you the information on the road to be a good one for you if you don’t need to do it also on track to be a good one for you if you don’t need to do it also on track to be a good…”

Text is almost a back door into the world of the person who owned the refurbished phone before you and what an interesting insight it has made and what it long arduous adventure on hold with the scherian this is and whether or not I should just keep this phone rather than go back to the Google pixel 3XL world.

I think this phone makes me feel better than the other one it doesn’t seem to be hurting me and my hands don’t seem to be tingling but so much of what I tend to know and understand is very limited and all I can say is that I have a few days in which to keep using this phone and see if it is worth I wanna be Dylan or I should just get the Google pixel 3XL and if I should in fact just keep this phone and try to get a Google pixel 3XL replacement through Google pixel I mean the global company they can only send the phone back to 1 re supplier so I just some really good at making badd decision sometimes.

Why would they put an extra D on badd decisions badd decisions badd decisions is every time I write the word badd with the double day it is because whoever a guest typed in the programming type in bed with T d’s not dead but badd that has C d’s now who do I tell O the funny world of voice to text can you imagine if you are a phone in your hearing these words and you’re just supposed to translate them visually and then imagine being a person in a dimension in which the there is a societee using you to societee societee societee sosiety societee the world in which we live societee so CI ety why as O CIE TYO my goodness and I’m starting in journal and letter meaning that that that…

He said in paragraph no I said

New paradigm

New paragraph new paradine I’ve confused this computer the cell phone oh how these smartphones have come a long way I remember being a human and thinking that humans were circuitry in a giant board and they somehow in some way my brain mind visual change lation of sight and sound can communicate through the stars and the ages and I drove my Mustang car around the block in circles listening to music feelings Lake somehow I was programming the very

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Time Travel is real

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Photographs of years….

With a new terminator movie coming out and the world about to hear Angelina’s side of things as the evil with from snow White… it is Supernatural’s latest episodes that have me curious.

So God got shot?

What is a FairyGodmother i hve been asking myself… mg memory os crunked… and downloaded somewhere are the files but right nowbwith the ending of the nice weather and winter approaching my 37th year on so-called-Earth… my “powers” have been stronger than ever.

2 years no booze and 100 percent oxygen… that is a goal bjt somehow oh feel like i reached. Time travel is weird AF.

IM PRSTTY SURE HUMANITY BRIUGHT OUT RHEBMOST CRUELEST OF MY PERSONALITY TRAITS… and years of communiry service hasnt gotten my soul that clean.

The music beats like a drum to document my trials and tribilations. I dknt care about bigger picturesbor stories that outlast flesh… being Immortal never occured to me. I am ok with living everyday likebit might be my last. Even now having nothing… im more protective ever.

AMERICA is a legend and their policing of the humans has gone noticed and with criticism… now I sit on Olympus and waitnpatiently to meet Zeus. Seems the Cstholic Saints have gone and got thrmselves quarentined by the mere hands of mortal men.

I warned Saint Michael in my prayers and forgave him in my heart for on every level he has let me doen and now he dragged my boyfriend into hid fight. Ig my grandpa Arch Angel was here i could take this matter directly to him. Now instead i hsve to sift through the ancient knoeledge snd transcribe it myself.

I shouldnt have changed my mind about Trump.

But sometimes even I… purrrrfect little me… just gives in to the urge to see just the fuk would happen.

Teaching lessons thr hsrd way is no fun at all… but the smirk on my mouth wont ho away. I can feel my hunger for power growing… what is greater than mortal money?

Also writing and documenting the latest age old fairy tale. TRUE LOVE vs MONEY

my fave quote…

“Go with the one who will pay your medical bills not the one who sits by your bedside”

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What I do as A Fairy Godmother

Unite True Love, Find love when it has gone missing, Keeping the peace, search and rescue for condemned souls, teaching the unteachable the hardest of lessons, scientific exploration and research in other dimensions, interplanetary peace negotiations, visits and community service on other planet human camps, helping dependent alien abductees get back to normal life on Earth, cleaning up people’s messes, exploratory missions in the furthest reaches of the known and unknown galaxy, helping people bring their dreams to life, being the exact opposite of the lessons i am teaching just to show you what not to do, public defender of souls wrongfully assigned to Hell, community service to the Faerie World and help integrating their Earthly remedies and traditions into the Mortal lives of Earthfolk, speaker and representative of the World of Faerie {united states sector}, assisting the Time Travelers on various missions, communications efficiency and maintence coordinator with the machines and humans and ‘spirits’, engineer consultant for modern day spaceship design, visual coordinator and original programmer of the teleportation network

saving the animals and ultimately doing whatever is necessary to ensure the universe doesn’t destruct and as a side project working to actually bring Peace on Earth withing my lifetime.20190130_143509-1353841632.jpg

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Watch “CASHFORGOLD & Tim Schaufert – Wherever You Go” on YouTube

The summer 19 Playlist on youtube gets longer and summer nears the end.

Poweri g the time machine w the hula hoop is exhausting but theree is a breach in security and thus the use of beginners teleportation on earth sent the vibrational frequemcy like a beacon…

Im on my way there.

Many fellow friends from star volonies have settled there.

Its where my DNA originated and my scientists and artists dream… it is my palace in this great vast universe and i will be happy yo be home in time for the holidays.

My candle went out thr lighters run out fast at these ftl speeds.

2 weeks simce i last spoke to Cheese… in person at the keywest port … he m8ght be held hostage and thr hurricanebalmost attacked their galaxy in his absence… thank goodness the Ginger ison point.

Kings and their castles on the water.

Im still angry im being ignored.

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Ima throw a hurricane at him…

So…Its not my fault mutha nature is my mother and i have her DNA and impact on the Earth…He just made me do angry# and he refused to answer or tslk to me. So jokingly i mentioned to the queen of it all and the current acting queen of thebuniverse anf even my good ftiend the tarvern keeper of yime snd desler in fine bottles of wine… oh man… now Florida was in danger of getting hit… theyre saying category 4 now.Im sorry not sorry??? The princess pirate Miracles favorite quote. She tsughg me a few tricks of bring a “miracle worker” and now i debated doending the coin necessary to assist my boyd doen in the keys.Cheese and Ginger guarding the Florida galaxy… i shouldve known they coulcnt hsndle it. Honestly cheese’s arrogant attitude has been the band of delay… he is kept in the dark to remain undetected on Earth… but thry sent a stormship after him.The brutes are going in gor his family and mineThe ruse is up.They know we are working together to iverthrow them.This is fucking revenge.And im gonns be the fall guy? I dont think so.Im vounting on the Ginger to csll me. I cant teleport eithout him and j cant teleport the necessary data files… even with stotm interference their dhip is ip in arms.The rebels are gucked if he doesn’t succeed.Cheese is the csptain and he knows best but hisbpretending we arent vonnected even not making vontact… they still found him.Snapchst is the most unsecure network.Now ee know.Fuck im sorry baby they used my own energy against me snd now that ive created this storm… its out of me and into the world headed your way and im not there to hug you… but i will do everything in my power to steer that Dorian timeship away from you and our lived ones.The USA has updated their weather bsrricade machines.I hope ginga can save thrm all.I

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Continue reading

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