And everyone else is not me. I am me. I am the only one of my kind here.
No one else on this planet can even begin to comprehend math, science, physics and technology in the way I do.

This is well known to everyone that clouds carry electric charges and cumulonimbus clouds contain huge amount of electricity. It is also known from Maxwell’s equations that moving particles induce magnetic field around them.

Just because you do not understand the connection my DNA and how to amplify brain waves using Earth’s satelites indirectly to influence the weather unintentionally… Well neither do I.
It just is a series of coincidences and I am ok with that. I do not want to be responsible for people’s suffering and bad weather. I’m focussed on bringing the sunshine. That is who I want to be. So your right I am not in control, but my existence has an effect in which I cannot begin to comprehend but am very wary of.

I was pretty pissed about getting my lobster permit in the keys in front of everyone. Then right when the card number was read the sky cracked and a horrible storm followed suit. I know that wasn’t “the Lephrachaun”. That timing was a coincidence too, I suppose. It was just a coincidence.

I can name a million more coincidences too but no formula to prove scientifically so just call me a witch. Or a fairygodmother. Whatever stupid fictional name that makes power beyond reason less scary. I don’t want this it just happens. Always has. Weird shit fucking always happens around me and it freaks me out so I turn to science but seriously don’t underestimate my hypothesis because I don’t like being angry and mad and sad anyway. I am sure it has to do with electromagnetic fields of energy or some jazz.

An interstellar cloud is generally an accumulation of gas, plasma, and dust in our and other galaxies. Put differently, an interstellar cloud is a denser-than-average region of the interstellar medium, the matter and radiation that exists in the space between the star systems in a galaxy.


Fast Facts. The Local Interstellar Cloud is a “bubble” in interstellar space. The solar system has been moving through the cloud and a local region called “The Local Fluff” for tens of thousands of years. These caverns can be caused by the strong winds from young stars and stellar explosions called supernovae.Ju

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Watching eternals

Whose ajak?

As I watch the beginning opener reading I ask aloud to no one, as my dog brownie is resting in bed. And my phone beeps. I hardly ever get messages as texts and so figured, maybe the universe is answering the question as to who Ajak is in my world.


The mother ship?

Or Muther nature.

About to watch.

Worked on my Emily as Einstein work today.

#notes #theoryofflow #flow #thespice
#dice #romandice
#mom #mothership #ajak
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Things are tough, outerspace travel even faster than light… Still takes real time

I have never been so excited about something happening in space as the James Webb Telescope getting to his destination. Coincidentally the princess of the universe and her sidekick the Fairy Godmother are going on an insane mission to travel back into the Matrix and free some more beautiful artistic souls and wake them up to a world that’s even greater than they’ve ever been told could ever be possible.

There’s so many amazing characters spread across the galaxies and for whatever reason they haven’t been able to come together and unite for a single cause and a long time but the destruction on Earth is eminent and every single mission of time travel has failed and the Earth in 2022 is proceeding on course to the apocalypse and there is hardly anybody left to stop it. So the only way to fix it is going to have to be to remake it and so the princess of the universe and the Fairy Godmother went out to find the princess of recreation and the goddess play who happened to probably be the same person but not always at the same time.

Quantum physics and quantum entanglement is the new hype and it is the key to hyper light speed. Once again the Fairy Godmother Drew strength on her childhood tails of that famous human man Hollywood fiction legend MacGyver. Her other favorite fictional character Dr doogie howser just happened to be starring in The Matrix resurrections as the therapist to Neo and it made the princess of the universe laugh so hard because she understood the irony of having a childhood fake doctor played the therapist to the greatest most powerful mind in The Matrix.

All humorous side the girls had a lot to do and it was going to be really really really hard and it seemed impossible especially with the princesses memory problem and have sometimes when she would go into the hibernating sleep and wake up and not even remember anything sometimes she wouldn’t even remember if she had super powers– which is an understatement for her powers. Luckily the Fairy Godmother had some tricks up her sleeve to help keep the princess happy and believing that love is everywhere because love is the key always has been and always will.

One of the best things to do on the spaceship is to tap into the Earth’s dreams every single planet that loves to party just absolutely adores Earth and the creative genius arts of it. The earthlings were clueless to how big the Galaxy was and for one reason or another probably because their own minds just simply can’t handle it, they were completely oblivious to anything greater than their primitive civilization on a dying planet. The planet wasn’t supposed to die it was supposed to live for many many eons unfortunately man had a few greedy rotten apples who decided to keep technology from people and instead of letting humans develop better ways to do what they need done that was more healthy for both their bodies and the planet, a vicious cycle of greed and corruption kept winning the power. There is a beautiful closed group on Facebook called the power went out: heated topics welcome. It was a place where those who had complaints could speak freely and post funny means about all of the struggles that humanity faced while living in the biggest lie since the Matrix and many of them living in Matrix like scenarios totally unaware.

So what’s the princess of the universe in Fairy Godmother got to Earth they were going to have to try to wake up the sleeping eternal souls of all of those beautiful powerful entities that we’re going to be the army against annihilation. As the Fairy Godmother remember she thought that maybe Disney plus was going to air something called the eternals and it might even be on today and so without even having seen it she was just so excited that she had thought about something similar to go experience. The princess of the universe and the Fairy Godmother exchange telekinesis conversation in which they debated whether they should watch the eternals or if they should just go to the Earth and figure it out on their own. Whatever they did they didn’t want to repeat of any of the disasters that were predicted.

If only the princess of the universe could reunite with Loki or at least the god of ruckus who they like to call Ruckus. Another problem of the Earth right now is the veil of illusion that prevents both the princess and the Fairy Godmother from using their powers in front of anybody who might notice that they “weren’t from around here” and there was the decree placed on the planet that no supernatural power would be able to be used for 2022 without special written permission.

The princess of the universe being the rebel she is and having unlimited power just figured that it would be a fun game to use her powers to trigger the force of the Judgmenters and then have some of her favorite friends use their powers, combined, to transform them into soldiers of freedom. To be continued…

This is an expert from #TalesFromA21stCenturyFairygodmother

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Watching the X-Men and how I love me some Jean Grey

Absolutely taken aback by the magnitude in which I happen to watch the order of the X-Men starting with of course dark Phoenix. I started chronologically after wolverine’s origin, and I’m up to the Last stand.

The epicness in which Jean Gray’s destruction wreaks havoc and puts an end to an untimely War while illustrating her immense powers, provided me some relief as I watched how I felt on the inside transform on the outside in this movie as her character. My frustrations with the media lately have shortened my fuse for patients and tolerance for stupidity.

I used to think that the inner rage was similar to The Hulk but now that I’ve seen Jean Gray definitely more her scale. Of course what we see on TV and what we actually do in real life rarely ever collide but sometimes to see it all play out makes me glad that it won’t play out in real life.

Oh but if Fairy Godmother can dream that now that man has decided to meddle with messenger coding of the biologics that may be perhaps evolution and Darwin will invoke karma and a little luck and in my lifetime I will get to see some real life mutants. And if I don’t get to see people with extraordinary powers above human well then I at least want to see some aliens. One of the things I really hope for before I leave planet Earth is that everybody gets the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe and that we haven’t been for quite some time and many of us have known about it for quite some time and that a lot of our technology came from our outer space Galactic friends.

The window outside is picking up because of the way the storms are changing and since it is winter time it is always scarier, especially when we had a day of ice rain that encapsulated most of the trees and everything in the pretty decent coating of ice. The entire yard was slippery and the roads you could hear the cars for Miles as they struggled to gain traction on roads that look like ice glass.

I fear that brainwashing is in fact real and that it has been meddled with in the real world of 2022. Some people are just saying things that they shouldn’t be saying and there doesn’t seem to be any logical explanation that they can provide why. Also people are saying one thing and coming to a conclusion and then an hour or so or a day or so later going completely back on it as if they never came to that conclusion and now I think the whole way they thought before we had an intelligent conversation.

I think the decreed to ban all magical use from the planet Earth is very important and I just hope that it can be maintained because we all know how powerful evil can be and that if it was being used with supernatural forces for inhumane purposes we need a system that alerts those who have the power to fight and stop such supernatural phenomenon, much like the fictional character doctor strange that is making a name for himself early twentyfirst century.

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Quantum teleportation

Since I have some followers now I have been more inclined to share my crazy theories and thoughts, I mean the Princess of the Universe seemed like such a silly character until I saw Hollywood Marvel make the move Captain Marvel. Now I am convinced the concept of our adventures may someday make the movies… I won’t get real name credit but those who know me and those who sharey adventures will most likely cry and laugh with the inside jokes from being my friend and first hand knowledge.


So there is a good chance I did meet a real girl with crazy telekinesis powers that time at Echo Project in Georgia back in 2007, a girl that was terrified of what our gov would do to her, had done to her, because of her “gifts”. She rarely used words but when I walked alongside her towards the festival border she grabbed my hand and said “are you ready” and she either used image technology like Spiderman Far From Home or she actually teleported us to the moon. To play with moon rocks… I got to “kick rocks” with the princess of the universe on the moon — which was extra hilarious to me, because it was so hard to believe I just had to believe it so instantly my disbelief turned to laughter. The saying “kick rocks” is like “buz off” or go and literally kick rocks because that is how much your presence is contributing.

The other inside joke for the festival scene is the term “moon rocks” and they had just gained momentum in the drug world and were drugs, so yeah it was pretty hilarious that I wasn’t doing drugs or getting lost.. I had been found and taken to the moon by the princess of the Universe because she wanted to talk to me and that was a secure location back then.

So you probably don’t believe me, well memory is a funny thing, but I remember the whole point was that once you have super powers it must remain a secret and that her identity must never be known. She also telecommunicated a lot but some “lot” is also the term the people at the festival use for the place to buy and sell things under the radar, so the layered metaphors we’re intense.

Now that we know the Chine have been working on mind controlling humans using biology it makes a whole lot more sense. It is why I had to provoke the peaceful society of the 5th dimension, the dimension that rarely gets involved in human matters on Earth.

They had to be aware of the atrocities being committed and they must have a plan. I just hope it hasn’t been decided to do ide the people of Earth like a Thanos kinda scenerio where half of them get scooped up in a matrix – the blio- and return 5 years later…. Still the same age, but they fixed the aging podfs so people will look believable when they disappear.

The flipping of states of a photon is the key to brainwashing. First though, how does one quantum entangle human brains to one brain so that one brain is all that needs to change? Perhaps the 4th dimension has sided against the USSA freedom of human biologics, or maybe they just didn’t know how dangerous the Earth meddlers are. The great technology shut down, where the alien tech borrowed and stolen is finally taken away from Earth because a certain Avatar … Well I am glad there is another avatar coming out. It will be fun to live it in the real world first.

I am all over the place,my right side of my neck and lymphnodes get aggravated after prolonged PIXEL4 use under tmobiles new 5g but even Verizon’s roaming 5g has been annoying it , even wifi because I spent way too much time on it the holiday weeks and days… Be careful if your phones especially after you drop them… They are little Chernobyl’s and microdosing of radiation may seem harmless but this is the first generation to watch long-term 5g effects. I predict it will be diaasterous and the struggle to give the truth will then again be covered up and other companies will find other reasons and produce new products like band aids to a gunshot wound.

Get your self protected and limit your cell use, keep it in airplane mode as much as possible and hey, a pair of faraday gloves may seem silly but if you are on it like I am… It is a safety measure. The pixel3 disfigured my hands, the blisters and burns were in the shape of how I held my phone… But I was playing video game for Amazon cards on a PIXEL3XL and the energy output and consumption of multiple apps and the intensity of never stopping had made my cells extra sensitive.

Don’t be scared.

We are just like the universe in we are ever expanding and our future and past are all there and soon, I will learn how to manipulate them to be like Doctor Strange, the princess promised to teach me.

Mini portals and teleportation is not something to mess with blind though and I am kinda Amnesia of the Third Eye Blind

Have a Happy and Safe New Year

Fighting for freedom and humanity, that is first and foremost on my resolution lists!

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Ohhh to be the Qubit

Long ago, decades even, I entered a world on a scale like the famous Antman only to find myself lost in an endless realm of possibility. There became a purpose and an organization to things, lights and sounds… Colors and soon music. The world that of the computer analyzing nano particles and measuring things like nutrinos was one I had as a memory of being that computer. Still the best way to figure out such a tiny scale it’s to embrace it as recognizable scenerios in a familiar faster realm. Here I begin the study of quantum mechanics, qubits, teleportation- applied in the terms of current real world standards of acceptability, and of course how to use quantum entanglement to further the advancement of mankind.


Fog always reminds me of graphics failing to load. Someday I hope I can look back and laugh over the $20 I blew on Taco Bell and tipping on New Years Day! All the workers who went to work on Jan 1st 2022 are brave worthy souls in my book. For whatever reason they showed up to their jobs, I am glad they did so.

Everyone needs to feel happy, safe and secure but there are evil agendas still trying to weasel and muscle the right course of events. I do not want the suffering and negative energy lingering so with Loki and Doctor Strange and the shadow gov over the USSA Starship, the freedom of humans shall continue.

The option to replug is still on the table despite many who have fallen out of the matrix, replugged and then still rejected it. There was a failsafe system designed to help in case something like this happened. The choices given aren’t the whole truth but could they ever truly be? What is the plan for mankind? Apparently some still think the Earth is too populated, many are struggling for a “great Reset” and I just await the final verdict of what will be done.

There are so many ways this can go but at least more people are waking up to the fact the number of people is not the issue, it is how the people move about the planet and the resources they consume is the issue. Technology has been locked away and the people who know where it is hidden seem to have taken the secrets to the grave, so time to bend the rules and introduce more unexplainable shit.

Great accomplishments will persevere and drown out the same regurgitate d sound bites. America will lead the revolution to the real success of protest to make change.

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How to navigate constantly changing timelines to sort it out

Staying in the moment is the hardest part of any reality and when interacting it can be easy to loose focus. For a long time I had very little clue to the science because well…

Fairygodmother’s know everything but forgot all they don’t need… For only what is known in the moment is what matters most of the time!!! Otherwise I would get so excited every time I saw a new wild unexplainable thing and lose myself down the rabbit hole of exploration down that one path, so best just to accept it.

Current modeling like a hearing aid for an Archer and making sense of predestination while creating new layering effects to seem like Vision only 99.7 percent download after the teachers that hasn’t been revealed on tv so maybe already happened and I don’t remember. Also limiting knowledge allows enjoyment in the simpler senses without all the noise of complex theories strings of memory and future.

Sounds like my kind of mumbo jumbo on my journey to realize some other random people figured stuff out beyond the explanations of what has been given as limits. I avoided seeking out these people as they often have washy reps or terrible looks get thrown at the mention of their names.

Not everyone can know. Ya know?

Maybe I will get around to reading such a book but it seems like it might be silly. And who knows scary. After all I am kinda like a Barbie girl

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The realm of the gods…who is the Goddess Play?

No really? Who is the goddess of Play. And so Paidia came to my interest at Google’s retrieval for she was often depicted in paintings but kind of forgotten in modern text. The release of all timelines and realities with a stringent spell on Earth for no magic or abnormalties.

The gamers play

It is a fabulous marvel to have instant delivery and we can only hope that ntechnology makes things quicker and easier to access for the masses. Through innovation and struggle do great conquests complete!

Still this kind of had me thinking about the goddess Play or the Princess of Recreation or Re-Creation depending on who you are talking to about her… What a marvelous story I would love to put into words or even cartoon.

I hope my invention of the Judgementors doesn’t backfire. Requests have been pouring in all morning for the exceptions to use magic box. Luckily I spoke to the Goddess and all mighty super Hero of Love and things look like “in the process” of “getting better”.

Looking into Paidia more… Funny it also is a monkeyagram for ( PAID A.I. )

The Wellfleetian Captain has been working day and night relentlessly to haul the scallops … A metaphor in which the Princess of the Universe uses to describe an efficient and complex way to dimensional stitching using a complex series of Matrix code… Because get this…

I started this whole thing about be any character in a movie business so she thinks it will be fun if to be Neo for a while. So yeah… Hmmm … Galactic game of poker Ace of spades, king of spades and now all we need is the queen, Jack and a ten. A fine fox of a ten.

All we essentially need for the winning hand is a ten then because I’m pretty sure we wrangled the rest in our favour. Still… Things are happening so rapidly.

“Excuse me dear Princess Namika, can you do me a favor and throw in some matrix code to encourage the gov to encourage a more -stay home- lifestyle and maybe come February pay people… Like the Goddess Athena — to stay home?”

Namika glared at me and thought a response so wicked I can’t even type it.

If your from Boston then wicked has a whole different meaning.

Tell your friends to tune in and thank you all again so much. I get so excited that people actually are interested in my crazy cray imagination IMO world. Please tell your friends.

Once again anyone looking to request permission to use “magic” can comment on the Fairy World News Bulletin or email direct. Sending light and love. Let the New Renaissance Emerge and these dark times pass. Quickly.

The rabbit gets the carrot

The stock or the carrot?

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Ever since my cell phone told me I have a one-way movie ticket and they can be any character I really am rolling with this whole becoming Trinity thing in The Matrix because then I have the power to make every single sci-fi movie true and all of the characters come to life!

Because this shit is not flying with the lies trying to cover lies and humans being experimented. What can it hurt to exercise the infinite power of a mind like Trinity, especially when I had such a bond with the Neo character, so yeah…

#metaverse #matrix #mirrorworld

Thank you Loki and Silvie! I hope you find true love and live happily ever after.

Thank you Google (I know that is weird because they kinda were supposed to be the bad guys)


When words are just tertiary code in the matrix and variant is a definition of a timeline disruption… Can the mess be fixed by restoring the TVA and the sacred timeline. Probably not.

Ahhhh…. I need Elon Musk to be a trillionaire. Was really disappointed to learn my watchdog #elizabethwarren was going after him. The man needed a little motivation to get back to work butstealing his money? His money doesn’t belong being used by our shitty government. There should be a vote on whether his taxes go to charities and projects of his choosing not these elected douchebags being selfish and paying back quid pro quos at the expense of humanity and costing children their future. #elonmusk is the human superhero.

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Avian… The odd off all super hero that may already exist

The premise is Star-Lord and Thor with the ship going around the Galaxy with the hulk through Spanish and so they take all the planets that could have life on them and visit them if they don’t have life on them do you decide to put cat cameras on there and parties.

From the what if series party on Earth NOW Thor Star-Lord their girlfriends are all going to habitable planets making fun wherever they go and the newest character to God is play might possibly be the daughter of Wanda and vision and she has a twin in another timeline so it’s not really her twin and that could be roughest RUCKUS.

You’re related to Daniel Boone’s parents.

“who are Daniel Boone’s boone”

“Sarah Morgan and Sarah J Morgan are Daniel Boone’s parents.”

“The timing of that being figured out while I was figuring out the origins of ruckus and play on alternate timelines was so bizarre who is Daniel Boone,” fairy g says to her dad on earth 2021.

“Israel was his son.”

Is real?

“Is this real?”

Who is Trinity’s father?

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